Potlight Installation

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Clean, fast and done right

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Potlight installation

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We keep the mess to a minimum

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Dust Control

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We make sure that it's done to perfection

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Precise Laser Lights Layout

Pro pot lights installation in Mississauga, Oakville, Woodbridge ,Milton and Vaughan

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Dust Control

Doing home upgrades can be a messy business.

We keep it to a minimum!

First, we cover your floors and furniture to protect them from damaged and dust.

laser pot lighting layout

Precise laser layout

Then we expertly layout your pot light using precise lasers.

It is important for the rows to be straight, just the regular measuring tape is not good enough.

laser light layout in mississauga ontario

Exact measurement

It is necessary to use laser tape for accurate potlights layout.

For Potlights installation in Living rooms, Kitchens and big open spaces it’s necessary to be extra precise!

We take pot light layout and installation seriously!

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More Dust control

Drywall dust is bad, that is why we try to minimize it as much as possible.

This device cuts a hole for recessed lights and collects all the dust in one go. It’s important to have right pot light installation tools for the job.

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Clean wiring

Our pot light installers take pride in their work.

Not only we make sure everything is done up to Electrical Code, we also do it with minimal damage.

It’s work of art done by fully ESA licensed electricians.

Electrical Safety Authority permit and inspection is available.

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5 Years Warranty

We warranty our pot lights installation job. After it’s all done if you have any issues with your potlights, just contact us and our licensed electrician we will be glad to resolve the issue.

Best Value potlight installtion Mississauga, Toronto, Vaughan. Call or email for Quick quote